Axxima’s actuarial team provides a wide range of creative solutions covering diverse insurance types, including professional liability, property, workers compensation, automobile, etc. Our team can help you with peer reviews, independent reviews, valuations and ratemaking.

Axxima - Just one slice of our business.Our skills and expertise as a strategic advisor to our clients goes beyond traditional actuarial expertise. Our strategic expertise includes:

  • Review of appropriate retention level and efficient use of reinsurance, if needed
  • For self-insured entities and reciprocals, the development of premium and surplus strategy focusing on the needs of members and risk appetite in order to balance the probability of needing capital, the desire for premium stability and the need for members’ equity
  • Assisting in the review of investment policy, investment managers and asset liability matching
  • Development of business plan, capital adequacy strategy and stochastic model to assist in understanding the risk faced by the entity and in planning for new strategies’ impact on the future
  • Expanding the business offering to other lines of business and services
  • Interacting with the Board members, regulators and auditors in a professional and clear manner to create a positive environment allowing the reciprocal to evolve in changing times